Tea, glorious tea


Ovvio tea review.

I used to hate tea when I was a child. With an English background I was forced to have a sweet milky cup every morning. I used to leave it to go cold. I still had to drink it!

Switch to adulthood, and I am now a firm believer in the healing power of teas. I avoid caffeinated English breakfast etc, as I found they gave me heartburn. But the lovely, fresh caffeine free herbal blends are full of healthy properties.

I have been drinking the teas from Ovvio for a couple of years now.
The detox tea was recommended to me by Anthia to detox my body and substitute for my darling coffee. Well although I did reduce the coffee, but not completely. I grew to LOVE the detox tea and now I drink it often. Its very bitter, but as my taste buds adjusted from eating less sugar. I found I liked it, as is, no sweetener. It’s organic and made of Milk thistle seed, Globe artichoke leaf, Cinnamon bark and Fennel seed.

I picked up a couple of new ones while I was there. The new packaging pictured above is great. I also have Happy Bowels (giggle) and Pure-ify to try.

Off to boil the kettle…

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