An understanding and empathetic nutritionist

I’m a clinical nutritionist based in Australia who works online. I help people with:

  • histamine intolerance
  • digestive disorders, such as IBS
  • other food intolerance
  • allergies
  • mental health, such as anxiety and depression
  • chronic illness
  • fatigue (ME/CFS)
  • fibromyalgia and joint pain
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

If you’ve been to a doctor only to be checked out and told nothing more can be done, that’s where I come in to improve your quality of life.

Having suffered health issues including IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MCAS and food intolerances, I understand the difficulties my clients face – from finding the time and effort to eat well to the frustration of not being able to do what others can.

What makes me different to other nutritionists?

I bridge the gap between conventional and holistic medicine by combining a scientific evidence-based approach with naturopathic traditions.

In other words, I offer the best of both worlds.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, I have also completed professional courses in gut microbiome restoration, SIBO, health coaching, MAP Coaching, iRest Meditation, and Bio-individual nutrition. I am currently completing a Master’s degree at Deakin University.

I have also experienced histamine intolerance, MCAS and fatigue first hand so I understand what it’s like to deal with these conditions. I enjoy finding solutions to problems and am passionate about helping my clients live better healthier lives. 

Your Low Histamine Nutritionist,

Luanne x

Have you recently been diagnosed with Histamine Intolerance?

Not sure what to eat?

How to reduce symptoms and feel free around food again?

Are you keen to work out a long-term plan and just not sure where to start?

Apply for the Happy Without Histamine Method and book a discovery call at the link below. I’d love to have a chat with you and learn about your biggest challenge at the moment. You don’t need to be diagnosed, just be ready for change! The Happy Without Histamine Method helps YOU on the journey to find and resolve the root causes, reduce symptoms and find freedom around food again.


Before joining the Happy Without Histamine Method I alternated between constipation and loose bowels, gas and bloating.  I had issues with histamine and stress. After 4 months my bowels felt mostly normal! I had much less itchy ears and my sinuses were more clear. I also find I am now handling the day-to-day stressors better.  The mind-gut connection was huge for me. I would be miserable if I had not started the program when I did. I hit my goals for the program. The Happy Without Histamine Method will help you with a healthy gut, healthy diet and lifestyle!


Before I started working with Luanne I had alternating diarrhoea and constipation and frequent upper belly pain. I felt like fewer foods were digested. I had constant skin flareups, itchy and painful skin and fungal acne.

When I finished the program I had less gas-like pain and better digestion, and much less skin eruptions. I didn’t expect to get such comfortable soft skin and gut health improvement. The protocols were so easy to follow and I met my goals for the program. If I hadn’t joined when I did I would still be struggling with my symptoms. The programme is really helpful if you like to put effort into your well-being.


Before starting the program I had frequent reflux. After completing it, I had less reflux & more energy and also felt more confident. The Happy Without Histamine Plan had delicious easy to follow recipes & ideas to implement. A specialised & accurate action plan that is enjoyable. Never felt deprived! Thanks

Sheridan Genrich

Before I started I had just found out about histamine intolerance. I had bowel issues, skin issues, reflux, and terrible allergies. Afterward, my skin had cleared, I had more energy and mental clarity. I lost weight, had improved mood, and felt a lot healthier. It was very affordable, straightforward, and had delicious recipes.


If you haven’t bought her ebooks yet, do it now. I am sorry I waited to buy them. I had other ebooks, meal plans or recipes, but Luanne’s recipes are good enough to feed to everyone in the family, great flavor, good variety, well organized. I wish I had them when I started this journey in December! Thanks Luanne Hopkinson!!!!!!!! Finally a meal plan from someone who knows how to cook!

Katie Anderson

Luanne is so personable and approachable, I was very comfortable talking to her and she had so much great advice to share. I recommend Luanne to anyone who is looking for nutrition and wellness support, you will not regret your choice!

Julie Sedon

I’ve been doing the superfood/raw food thing for sometime … I never thought I would learn as much as I did nor did I think I would have much of an impact embarking on a sugar detox.

Luanne’s program was not only super informative – I was surprised just how much sugar there was in so much savoury foods – it was also amazingly simple to follow! Luanne was also willing to work with me to workout how to change the recipes to suit my particular tastes and allergies as well as catering for the fact that I have a tiny fridge/freezer, we were even able to workout what I could have on a night out without departing too greatly from the plan.

My verdict: A great educational and easy to follow program – plus as an added bonus l dropped a couple of kilos in the 10 days.

Laura Lees

Thanks so much for compiling this book. I literally teared up when I realized I could eat everything (except eggs). It’s been difficult finding inspiration when you feel like all your previous favourite foods are off limits…Especially when you love food as much as I do!

Andrea Luedtke

I started Gupta program in conjunction with Happy Without Histamine food plan and feel they are both really great. I feel it has changed my life.
Well on the physical level probably mostly because of happy without histamines I’ve
experienced: IBS symptoms are almost none existent, my ears are no longer itching and
extremely inflamed, my throat is not swelling randomly after meals that normally had been fine, seasonal allergies are much better. Plus my wife and I enjoy the food!
Gupta program: I was having depression, anxiety and severe anger outbursts followed by several days of sleep. All of which are substantially better. I’m more optimistic and trust in the program.
I’m starting to feel I can begin to start living life.

Tristan Turner

Luanne Hopkinson, you are amazing! Thoughtful, patient and tough in the best way possible! Thank you a million times over! I have learned so much from you and become a better person.

Ruby K Chauhan – 6 month coaching program