Low histamine snacks recipe roundup

Looking for low histamine recipes? Some of you might have discovered my new low-histamine recipe site Happy Without Histamine. I’ve been focusing on all things histamine there, with new articles and recipes regularly appearing 🙂 The Olivo health and Nutrition website will remain, with articles on topics and recipes for all types of food sensitivities and intolerances, not just histamine.

I thought it would be nice to do a round-up of some of the latest recipes on the Happy Without Histamine site, so you can find what you need fast!

It’s often hard to think about snacks you can take with you for lunch or afternoon tea when you have histamine intolerance. It can be much harder to buy food in cafes or supermarkets, and it can feel like there is nothing left to eat!

This muffin recipe is low in histamine and yummy! It’s also easy to make, freezes well and is perfect to take to work, on trips or even eat for breakfast when you are in a rush.

Ginger, Carrot and apple buckwheat muffins

Finding something to put on sandwiches can be a nightmare, especially as yeast-risen bread is high in histamine!. Filling a wrap with this dip and some shredded chicken and salad is a portable and yummy lunch.

Butternut squash hummus recipe- low histamine

You can also eat this Zucchini dip in a wrap, or on rice crackers or with veggie sticks as a snack. Both these dips can be used on the side of a meal as a sauce or with pasta too!

Roasted zucchini dip recipe – low histamine

And to finish off, who doesn’t love cookies! These yummy gluten-free, dairy-free cookies make you forget your eating a low-histamine diet. Loved by kids and adults, throw these in the lunch box for the afternoon break.

Low histamine apple spiced oatmeal cookies

Hopefully, one of those recipes will suit your diet and make life easier for you. Enjoy!

For more recipes, you can purchase the 4-week Low Histamine meal plan which makes low-histamine eating easy. Your easy low histamine diet is mapped out for you to follow step by step. Includes shopping lists, pre guide and management tips for a low histamine diet to reduce those symptoms fast.

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