How local seasonal ingredients can inspire dinner

market haul

This mornings awesome market haul.

I had to post this as I am very proud of my market finds today. This is from an organic stall and a bio-dynamic stall at my local market. I’m very excited to figure out some recipes to make this week out of the best local fresh seasonal ingredients from my urban farmers market.

The bio-dynamic parsley inspired me to gather ingredients for a French or Italian style casserole of some type. I’m planning on duck fat roasted kipfler potatoes (super cheap today) and parsnips to accompany. Yum

The local butcher had some great grass-fed and finished beef, so I bought 600gms of the cheaper casserole cut. This should make about 6 servings once I’m done.

Sometimes its great to just go hunting, with no specific dish in mind and see whats good. The creativity and inspiration feeds the soul and ultimately the body.

How do you plan your meals?

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