If you have been diagnosed with SIBO the SIBO summer cookbook will help you make amazing meals that will sooth your gut and tickle the taste buds. You can get it plus other SIBO books at the healthy gut.


I removed excess sugar from my diet many years ago, and noticed a huge improvement in my health. I found the Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar cookbooks full of great information. I particularly like the yellow chicken curry in the slow cooker cookbook. She also has one pot, breakfast and chocolate cookbooks!

Heal-Your-Gut-3d-coverHeal your gut eBook from Supercharged foods — This is a successful, step by step protocol you can use to help to restore your gut. It has 50 recipes and great information.

If you are aiming to buy sustainable fish, The good fish book is the complete guide to finding, choosing and preparing sustainable seafood and includes 22 recipes. This is a great guide on how to select and buy sustainable fish.

Nutrition and wellness programs:

Change how you feel with the Changing Habits 6 Weeks No Wheat Program… a simple, easy to follow, highly effective online program. Each week you will learn more about food, in particular, wheat and gluten and how to effectively eliminate it out of your diet and to make lifestyle changes so you remain healthy.


The Institute of Integrative Nutrition —  If you are interested in learning to be a health coach, or to use the holistic wellness deep dive training for your own personal health concerns, then the IIN training course could be for you. I really loved my IIN course and found I could fit it into my busy lifestyle. It is a supportive nurturing environment to learn, grow and meet other like-minded individuals. You can get a free curriculum guide here.

The GAPS Protocol —  The Gut and Psychology Syndrome was created by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (Neurology), MMedSci (Human Nutrition) in 2004 after working with hundreds of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ ADHD, schizophrenia, dyslexia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other neurological and psychiatric problems. It is also very useful for other issues as it focuses on healing the Gut primarily. Any one with leaky gut will find this interesting reading.

Introduction to Nutrition Course

Looking to educate yourself to expand your own personal knowledge? Are you confused with all the conflicting information out there? The introduction to nutrition course is a self paced online program that provides you with an introduction to nutrition and an insight into the vitalistic philosophy to health. You will develop a holistic relationship with food and your health.

Meal Planning:

If you want to make your own meal plans Real Plans is a cost effective online program that you can use to plan and access from anywhere.

Online foods:

Ovvio Tea — I’ve reviewed Ovvio tea previously. It’s made in Sydney by the lovely naturopath Anthia Koullouros.

Feather and Bone — Feather and Bone sources directly from local producers in NSW who are committed to nurturing the health of the land and plants and animals it sustains. Specialists in providence pastured meats, raised in sustainable practice where animals are allowed to roam outdoors and express instinctive behaviour. They deliver throughout Sydney.

Changing habits is an online store started by the wonderful Cyndi O’Meara. Cyndi has been a vocal health advocate for years. Reading her book changing habits, changing lives had a huge impact on the way I eat and started my health improvement journey.

Changing Habits Changing Lives Book

Active wear:

My favourite yoga gear is made by a beautiful person Mylo-dee. It is top quality French jersey fabric and made with love. It has an easy-to-use online digital designer app. You can let loose your inner creative and make an original piece that will suit your shape and style. Made to order, really comfy and one of my faves.


Headspace — The top of the line app for guided meditations. With numerous tracks to choose from, Headspace will have you deep breathing and relaxed in no time. You can get some content for free and some for a fee.

Omvana, 1GiantMind and Sound cloud are also awesome meditation Apps available on most phones or tablets.

Documentaries and health summits:What's With Wheat Products

What’s with wheat is from Changing habits, giving you the lowdown on the modern wheat we eat. ‘What’s With Wheat?’ documentary investigates the growing epidemic of wheat intolerance and why after eating wheat for thousands of years, it has been linked to so many health problems.


Note: Some of the resources on this page are free and some are affiliate links for products that I wholeheartedly believe in, support and have used myself. If you decide to purchase any of these products through these links, I will earn a small commission which supports my writing and allows me to provide free content. I have personal experience with these products, which is why I recommend them. Please only purchase the products you feel would be useful to your own wellness journey.

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