About Luanne


Welcome to Olivo Health and Nutrition.

My mission is to help you to restore your health and live your best life!

I suffered for decades from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn, eczema, anxiety, food intolerance and hormone issues, which set me on the path to investigate how I could heal myself. I’ve tried almost everything, and understand the difficulties in managing digestive issues that impact all areas of your life. Getting the right help improved my health and made me want to help others.

I have always been interested in health and science. I have a Bachelor of Science from Auckland University and have had a long-term fascination with health and well-being from both a scientific and holistic angle, but at the time followed the crowd into Information Technology. I then moved into the corporate IT world, lived in London and Sydney. I was living a frantic lifestyle and subsequently became burnt out! I had anxiety, heartburn, bloating, abdominal cramps, nausea, histamine intolerance, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and ME/CFS. I spent years seeing doctors and in hospitals getting test after test with no improvement. Finally help from a naturopath set me in the right direction for healing.

Cooking in Italy

So I trained as a nutritionist and health coach and started giving back. I’m also completing a Masters in Human Nutrition.

Now I work as a nutritional medicine practitioner in Melbourne and online. I have a special interest in histamine and other food intolerance, gut health, allergies, anxiety, MCAS, digestive issues, women’s health, fatigue and chronic illness.

Changes to diet and supplementation where necessary can support your body to heal. Nutritional medicine can be used as an adjunct to support from your GP, specialist or allied health practitioner, as part of your health team.

Wishing you vibrant health,



Registered with these Australian health funds: Medibank, NIBCBHSAHMTeachers UnionAustralian Unity, HBF/ARGH.

Nutrition consultations can be claimed depending on the level of cover. 

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