Book Review – Women’s Wellness Wisdom by Dr Libby Weaver

First things first, I must say that this is an amazing book and a must read for every woman. This book is full of gold for Women from their early 20’s right through to their 70’s and beyond.

Women’s Wellness Wisdom wraps up all the key messages in Dr Libby’s books in an easy to absorb manner and a beautiful format. If you have considered reading any of Dr Libby’s books I can confidently say “start here”.  This is the most approachable and easy to digest of all her books, and will give you a good idea on which of her other books might be appropriate for you if you wish to dig deeper.

The key takeaways I love from this book are:

Nutrients: Food is not healthy or unhealthy. People are healthy or they are not. Food is nutritious or not.

Food is a source of nutrients and an opportunity for you to nourish your body. It is not good or bad.


Choice: Your health is a combination of all the small decisions you make every day. The total sum of your daily habits means a lot more than one bad day, meal or treat.

Do what nourishes you. Sometimes this will be chocolate cake! If so enjoy it, savour it. No guilt. Then make your next choice.


Gratefulness and perception: Our perception of pressure and stress has a huge impact on our bodies. Re-framing our perception of stress helps us to manage our daily to do lists and allows our body to function better.

Practising gratitude positively impacts our bodies ability to manage stress. This can be as simple as thinking of 3 things you are grateful for each morning on waking and before going to sleep.


There is so much more in this book! This book resonates with me own health and wellness philosophy and I was nodding my head all the way through.  As someone who has read all of Dr Libby’s works and love to give them as gifts, I know I will be giving this book to all the important women in my life.

I recommend you give Women’s Wellness Wisdom to the most important woman in your life… you.


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Note: I purchased this book myself and I am not being paid for this review, I love this book!


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