Coffee how I love you… let me count the ways


Ahhh Coffee. My one enduring love, my addiction, my downfall.

We all have one (or two) cravings which are incredibly hard to shift. Coffee is mine. Most research recommends limiting coffee to around 2 cups per day. I have been through periods of having 6-8 cups a day (Helloo Italy!) and reduced down to nothing for a while during an elimination diet.

The other key ingredients in a cup of liquid gold is the milk and sugar so often added. I worked slowly and steadily to remove sugar from my coffee over a couple of months about 3 years ago after seeing a wonderful Naturopath. From 2 teaspoons, to 1 to half, to no sugar at all. That was a worthwhile battle. After a period of time the tastebuds naturally adjust and now many things are far to sweet for me.

Dairy is the next part of the battle. Often cravings for coffee are actually for the milk. Milk is a comfort food, and when I have a bad day I find I am craving that extra coffee. I have reduced my milk in coffee at home by half and am now ordering piccolo lattes (about one third to half the amount of milk). this is a good start, but I also know that l lot of dairy s not that great for us. We humans are the only animal that drinks milk from another species and continues to drink milk in adulthood. Regular milk is often full of hormones, steroids and antibiotics, low fat milk has the fat replaced with sugars and thickeners. So what seems like a natural healthy product may not be.

Coffee my preferred vice needs to be adjusted if I want to keep it in my life. My aim is reduction down to one coffee a day maximum, and make it dairy free. A coconut milk coffee is a nice alternative, or maybe I can adjust my taste buds to espresso. This is proof that we are all struggling with aspects of our health however big or small. Even health coaches!

What are your cravings? How do you deal with them?

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