Nutritional Review


After reviewing the Simple Sugar Detox by Luanne Hopkinson at Exploring Wellness, I can affirm its effectiveness to remove sugar from the diet and result in multiple benefits to the clients.

Adhering to this meal plan, sugar cravings will subside and stop. This is the biochemical processes in the body responding to the absence of sugar and allowing you to be in control of your food choices.

The healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats in this meal plan will provide sustained energy throughout the day. The whole food based variety of vitamins and minerals offered in this meal plan will provide health promoting effects and reduce disease risk

Following this meal plan and removing sugar from your diet will reduce your risk of other negative health effects and disease caused by sugar consumption.

Ashley Kalbes, MS, CWP, CIC

Clinical Nutritionist

Vivify Nutrition and Wellness Consulting, LLC

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