How modern day nutritionists use naturopathic principles


As a nutritional medicine practitioner and health coach, I love to mix the latest in scientific nutrition research with holistic naturopathic principles and mind body medicine.

I believe this gets the best results for my clients and is an easier way to sustain vibrant health.

In a modern day nutritional medicine practice there are many opportunities to use naturopathic principles.

There are six main naturopathic principles according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians:

  1. Vis medicatrix Naturae — the healing power of nature; is used in working with clients to eat whole food, less processed foods and cook more at home. Working to remove obstacles to the body’s natural healing processes such as reduction of toxins, such as heavy metals, plastics and pesticides which may be preventing healing.
  2. Tolle Causam — find (and treat) the cause/s, guides us to look to the root cause of illness rather than applying band-aids that will not provide a long term solution. We look to find the nutritional, lifestyle or structural cause. For example eating a whole food diet is promoted rather than just taking supplements on top of a nutrient poor diet.
  3. Primum Non Nocere — first do no harm. To first do no harm it is imperative that a full health history is taken, noting all current medication, past significant illness or surgery and understanding any other contraindications to treatment plans that may be offered. Additionally we do not aim to suppress symptoms if this may cause further harm.
  4. Docere — Doctor as teacher. This is a method in which to empower clients to understand how to heal themselves. Teaching as we heal allows the client full understanding of why they need to make changes and what these changes will give them.
  5. Treat the whole person — this signifies looking at the whole of the person’s life, habits and surroundings as a key to healing. Holistic health involved managing access to fresh air and nature, exercise, managing stress, eating well, fulfilling work, enough rest and good interpersonal relationships.
  6. Prevention — If we can prevent disease forming we will be much healthier than if we have to repair bad health. Teaching and promoting preventative strategies to ensure longevity with good health such as eating wholefoods, regular exercise and stress management.

I follow all of these principles and use the latest in functional testing and scientific research to maximise your health results.

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