Could your bath-time ritual be impacting your health?

I wish my bath looked like this!

When we think about environmental toxins, we think of things like air pollution, oil spills and landfill, but do you know about the everyday products that are producing toxins in your home?

My health has been impacted by heavy metal poisoning. I was diagnosed in April this year, and it has been a huge disruption to my life. It was caused by common things that we take for granted as safe because they are approved by the authorities (I will post more on that later).

Unfortunately there are many chemicals approved for use that have been found to be toxic and removed from the market. So trusting that manufacturers or the government have our best interests at heart and that products must be safe is not something we can do any more. For example, lead has been used for many years in paint, lipsticks, candle wicks and water pipes. Its no longer used in paint, but you can easily be exposed to lead dust if someone sands down a wall in an old house. Lead is still present in many lipsticks!

Very cute ducky (flickr CC)

Having a lovely relaxing bath, with bubbles and candles can actually be bad for you. I love a good candlelit bath. A bath is a perfect way of carving out some time to recharge. But I found out that my favourite products could actually be making me unwell.

Candles made with artificial fragrances, paraffin (from petroleum) and lead wicks can make your inside air more toxic than outside! Bubble baths, body wash and shampoos can be full of chemicals like phthalates or sodium laureth sulfate  that are irritants, can cause asthma and are hormone disruptors. Swapping out my candles for beautiful beeswax ones, and the baths for essential oils and epsom salts has made a huge difference to me and my allergies. Knowing that the air is clean and the experience is healing is reassuring.

golowtoxquotealexxDue to my own experience with environmental toxins this topic is very dear to my heart and I have posted about pesticides previously. I’m passionate about telling people what to look out for. I have done a lot of research and found Alexx’s Go Low Tox course. I found this is the best way to learn and consolidate all the information I knew plus much more.

Alexx presents the information in an approachable manner and provides support to gently make changes to improve your health. I joined as a life member so I can keep up to date as Alexx is continually adding new information and research. That saves me a LOT of time 🙂

Take a look and decide for yourself. I thoroughly recommend Low Tox Life as the place to get everything you need to know in one place, with no pressure to change but masses of support. Make a few simple changes, and improve your health and that of your family. You can find out more here.


I am a proud affiliate of Low Tox Life. I use the information time and time again as I shop, eat and clean. You will find me in the Low Tox Facebook group, see you there 🙂

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  1. Over the last few years I have been getting rid of toxins in the home by switching to natural cleaning products. They smell so much better and are gentle on us and the environment. Great post on this important topic.

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  2. Wow! Candles, bubble baths & lipsticks……lead? I need to look into each…..I don’t where lipstick but maybe I should ask the next women which brand she uses before kissing her (LOL)! Thanks for the information!

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    1. I know. Wow! Bubble baths don’t have lead in them but they do have fragrances made from phalates which are endocrine disruptors. Don’t let anything get in the way of kissing though!


  3. There’s nothing like a sugar scrub in mid winter to keep the skin soft and hydrated. I stopped using scented candles after reading about the chemicals like formaldehyde in them. I only buy hand poured soy candles from people I trust. Friends gift my homemade bath bombs, too, so I never need to purchase any. The designer brands that are vegan or vegetarian tend to be super expensive. Great post, Luanne. xoxoxo

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