Free yoga videos!

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Online yoga, the key to a daily practice?

How good is this! Free yoga videos online. This may be one of the things that helps me maintain a daily yoga practice.

Currently I find going to a class a few times a week really good. More motivation to keep going halfway through (you can’t leave, everyone will look) and you know you have the structure and support to be doing the moves in the correct sequence.

I have always wanted to get into the daily routine of morning yoga at home. I have done a bit here and there, but following a video is a good way to make sure you are thinking about alignment and giving you inspiration and motivation to keep going. I also need to make sure it is going to work with my neck and shoulder issues. If you have an injury a public mixed level class is not always the best thing, as you can make the injury worse trying to keep up with the class (Yep, done that).So working at home once you have learned good modifications from a teacher can be a great way to practice without making it worse or feeling like a loser who can’t keep up (me).

I thought these videos on Lesley Fightmasters you tube channel were great.  She is currently running YogaFix90: 90 days to a healthy habit. I have also checked out YogaGlo which looks good too. Here I was able to search for a couple of routines to help my shoulder injury. They also had very helpful people you can email who will lead you to what you’re looking for (this site charges).

I’m a fan of Yin and Hatha styles, so I’ll be hunting for these first. Bring on the daily yoga challenge. I’m starting with 5 minutes each morning and building up slowly.

Have you tried these videos? How was your experience?

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