4-week low histamine meal plan

Find out how to eat a varied low-histamine diet, packed full of flavoursome anti-inflammatory foods.

You get over 55 recipes, 4 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.

Meal preparation guides are also included to help you save time and cook ahead.

This is an eBook downloadable pdf file.


Low histamine kitchen companion

A condensed form of the low histamine guide with the key points to follow in one place.

This one-pager is perfect to print out and pop on the fridge or tuck in your handbag.

Includes all the main foods to avoid.

Shopping, cooking and storage are included.

This is a downloadable pdf file.

Just like having a nutritionist in your pocket!


Low histamine vegan recipes

71+ plant-based low-histamine recipes, packed full of flavorsome anti-inflammatory foods

Easy, nourishing vegan meals that are dairy, wheat, and animal product free.

Bonus 7-day meal plan and shopping list.

This is an eBook downloadable pdf file.


The Happy Without Histamine Kickstart Course

  • Learn about histamine intolerance to understand your body better
  • Find out what to eat and what to avoid to lower inflammation and symptoms
  • Learn shopping, cooking, and storage techniques to keep histamine levels low
  • Easily manage your low histamine diet to reduce your symptoms  
  • Learn what to look for on food labels, so you can shop easily
  • Find out what other triggers and lifestyle factors can contribute to histamine intolerance so you can get more control over your symptoms

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The Happy Without Histamine Method

True healing and transformation using a functional nutrition approach.

We find and address your root causes, and use nutritional medicine, gut restoration, and holistic lifestyle practices to create a supported path to regain your health.

Get back to full food freedom and live a life you love!

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Safe and Sound Protocol Package – self paced

Use the SSP audio program in the comfort of your own home. In the initial consultation, we will plan your personal schedule and preferred daily dose of the program. We will also confirm your suitability of the protocol and if additional one-to-one support will be helpful.

Clinically SSP has helped clients to:

  • increase levels of toleration for food, supplements and the environment.
  • Improve social interactions and anxiety
  • reduce stress and create calm
  • get to sleep easily and reduce nighttime waking.

This package includes:

  • SSP Core Audio program 10 to 30 days – Apple or Android App available (iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone)
  • 1 x 15-minute Zoom consultation at core completion (at 4-8 weeks)
  • Self-regulation educational video program to use between sessions
  • Access to the 5-10 day audio preparation program SSP Connect if required.
  • 1 Month access to SSP Classical during the core program for calm and self-regulation
  • Check-in emails during the Core program

A 1:1 consult is required to safely set you up on SSP before the rental.

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In this program, I will teach you neuroplasticity techniques and brain retraining tools you can use to accelerate your healing.

Learn how to use your brain to balance your nervous system and allow your body to heal itself.

Brain retraining uses the science of neuroplasticity to modify the pathways in our brain. This helps to ease stress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, elevate emotions, and increase levels of toleration for food and our environment.

You can shift your nervous system out of the fight/flight state at will into healing rest, digest, and repair mode.

I will also support you if you already have a brain retraining practice, with new tools and techniques to refresh your practice.


  • 1 x 55-minute initial coaching session
  • 1 x 45-minute coaching session
  • Video Program to watch between sessions
  • Handouts and worksheets
  • Access to video program for minimum 1 year

This package usually runs over 2 months.

Ongoing coaching is available after this package.

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Personalised meal plan

Struggling to find recipes that suit your specific food intolerances?

Having a hard time figuring out what to eat each day?

Get a tailored meal plan to work with your specific food allergies and intolerances.

  • Don’t like a certain food?
  • Eating low histamine, low fodmap, and have specific allergies?
  • Need one meal you can make for the whole family?

We can cover all these restrictions and break through the frustration and confusion so you can eat with ease.

This package includes:

  • food intolerance and allergy questionnaire
  • assessment of likes, dislikes, eating habits, and preferences
  • a 7-day meal plan
  • Preparation guide and shopping list
  • at least 8+ recipes that suit your diet

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Let’s create your health together.