Happy Without Histamine

Happy Without Histamine

Ultra Low Histamine Recipe Book and Meal Plan

$49 AUD

Sick of a bland low histamine diet?

No idea what to eat now that you are avoiding histamine?

Find out how to eat a varied low-histamine diet, packed full of flavoursome anti-inflammatory foods.

You get over 55 recipes, 4 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.

Meal preparation guides are also included to help you save time and cook ahead.

Gluten free, dairy free, low sugar.

Ultra low Histamine Four Week Meal Plan

$49 AUD

Over 55 recipes and 4 weekly meal plans, including prep guides and shopping lists for each week. Plus plenty of bonus information on living a low histamine life.

If you have digestive issues, migraines, allergy symptoms, skin rash, fatigue, chills, hot flushes or allergic rhinitis this meal plan is for you.

You also receive access to the Happy Without Histamine Facebook group for weekly low histamine support.

What you will eat 

Flavour packed low histamine meals like lamb koftas, honey garlic chicken thighs, roast vegetable quinoa bowls, pomegranate chia puddings and spiced chicken marylands.

What you will learn

Simple ways to put together lunches from leftovers and cook ahead meals. Managing a safe and histamine friendly kitchen. Recipes you will make again and again that the whole family will love to eat.

What people are saying about Happy Without Histamine:

I recommend this. It really helped me get on track and lowering my bucket! Plus the ingredients are all so easy to access!

– Kim Barnes

So excited to be the first to buy and review this INCREDIBLE recipe book (for my mum). It is extremely thorough and well researched with delicious recipes.

– Rose Flannery

I was so depressed and disgusted with my skin. Already a psoriasis sufferer, I also filled my histamine bucket up till it was way over full. So I broke out in hives and felt so bloated and puffy. I was exhausted from lack of sleep because I was waking up all night itching from head to toe. And I was always lightheaded.

The Low Histamine Diet has been life-changing for me. I have no red hives rash, I am not itching, I am almost completely clear of psoriasis, I don’t get dizzy and light headed anymore, my bloating has gone and I have lost almost 10kgs which is just a bonus for me as I was struggling to budge my post-pregnancy weight gain after having bub 8 months prior.

The energy I have now after only doing it for 6 weeks is amazing. Even once my skin is perfect again and my gut health is repaired, this diet has been a life changer for me and will no longer be a diet, it will just be my usual normal way of eating. I can’t thank you enough.

 – Cydonia Smith

Luanne is passionate about health and nutrition and is well versed in helping with histamine intolerance.

– Georgie Lane

I quickly discovered that the lists I had found were pretty dodgy. Then the Happy Without Histamine website popped up on my FB page. What a GIFT. 

Luanne’s list really works for me. I printed it out, 2 copies, one for the kitchen and one for my shopping bags. I went out and bought ONLY things from the ‘eat this ‘ list. I cleaned out my fridge and cupboard. I only ate from the list for several weeks before I tried some of the ”test me’ items.  

So many ways you can mix and match and use herbs and spices to add variety. 

– Kath Veljacich

Got a question? View the FAQ on coeliac, gluten free, vegan or other options plus much more.